Our active dried pure yeasts are specially selected from over 500 individual yeast strains, for optimum temperature tolerance, nutrients, foaming, low formation of acetaldehyde, and more.


Excellence DS Red Wine Yeast
Excellence FR Red Wine Yeast
Excellence FTH Aroma Yeast
Excellence STR White & Rosé Yeast
Excellence TXL Targeted Breeding
Excellence XR Red Wine Yeast
LA Bayanus High Alcohol Yeast


Active Yeast 3
Active Yeast 4 Sparkling Wine
Active Yeast 5 Sparkling Wine
Active Yeast 7 Riesling
Active Yeast 8 Burgundy
Active Yeast 10 Red Roman
Conferm Rouge Red Wine Yeast
Conferm White Wine Yeast
Cryarome Cold Fermenting Yeast
Rubino Cru Hybrid Yeast
Sihaferm Element Yeast
Sihaferm Finesse Red Pinot Noir Yeast
Sihaferm Frio Cold Fermenting Yeast
Sihaferm Nature Wild Yeast
Sihaferm Pure Nature Wild Yeast
Varioferm Yeast
Whitearome Aroma Yeast