BHF stocks a wide range of housings in plastic, alloy, and stainless steel, with single and multi-cartridge housings, as well as high flow, plate and frame, and lenticular module housings.

20 Series Supachange Disposable Filter Assembly
27 Series GRP Plastic Filter Housing
28 Series Plastic Filter Housing
43 Series Mini Housing
51 Series General Purpose Housing
52 Series High Pressure Housing
53 Series Higher Pressure Housing
53A Series Extreme Pressure Housing
54 Series Clearview Housing
55 Series Housing for Restricted Spaces
56 Series Hazardous Liquid/Gas Housing
59 Series High Viscosity Fluid Housing
61 Series General Purpose Housing
62 Series Multi-round Housing
63 Series Free-standing Housing
64 Series Multi-round Housing
65 Series High Pressure Housing
66 Series FFC High Flow Forward Flowing
66 Series HFC High Flow In To Out
71 Series Hygienic Vent Housing
72 Series Small Scale Process Housing
73 Series Large Scale Hygienic Housing
74 Series Single Cartridge Housing
76 Series Hygienic Single Stack Housing
81 Series Mini Bag Housing
82 & 83 Series Bag Housings
84 & 85 Series Bag Housings
86 Series Bag Housing
87 Series Multi-pot Bag Housing
88 Series Multi-pot Bag Housing
Compact Plate Depth Filtration System
Discstar Lenticular Module Housing
HBA Single Element Sanitary Housing
HSA Single Element Sanitary Housing
HSL Single Element Housing
HSV Vent Filter Housing
Integra Disc Lenticular Module Housing
Integra Lab Laboratory Scale Filtration
Integra Plate Depth Filtration System
Novox Plate & Frame System
VSH Multi-element Housing
VSL Pharmaceutical Housing