Used for critical air, gas, and liquid applications, membrane filters are typically constructed of thin polymeric filter media such as PES, PTFE, or nylon, and pleated to enable a large surface area.

Bevpor MH Bottled Water Sterile Filter
Bevpor MS Bottled Water Sterile Filter
Bevpor PH Beverage Grade Membrane Filter
Bevpor PS Beverage Grade Membrane Filter
Bio-X Sterile Air & Gas Filter
HF Tetpor HT High Flow Air & Gas Filter
High Flow Tetpor II Gas Sterilisation Filter
Membran PS Plus Beverage Final Filter
Prepor NG Wine Clarification Filter
Prepor PES Membrane Pre-filter
Prepor PP Wine Stabilisation Filter
Propor BR Pharmaceutical Liquid Filter
Propor HC Sterilising Grade Filter
Propor LR 0.1 MIcron Rated Filter
Propor ME Wine Clarification Filter
Propor SG Sterilising Pharmaceutical Filter
Supapore FP H0P Air & Gas Sterilising Filter
Supapore Halar Chemical Resistant Filter
Supapore Nanofibre Positive Charged Filter
Supapore NP Pleated Nylon Membrane
Supapore THB High Flow Membrane
Supapore TL All Fluoropolymer Cartridge
Supapore TP Aggressive Chemical Filter
Supapore TT All Fluoropolymer Cartridge
Supapore VP Microfiltration Cartridge
Supapore VPW Beverage Grade Membrane
Supapore VPWA Extended Life Membrane
Supapore VPWS Superior Life Membrane
Tetpor Air Sterilisation Cartridge
Tetpor Liquid Aggressive Chemical Membrane
Tetpor Plus All Fluoropolymer Filter