Designed to work perfectly as an integrated set of modular components, Ionic Filter Systems are extremely versatile, covering a range of commercial and industrial water treatment applications.

ionic wall mounted water treatment systemThe modular design of the wall-mounted system means that you can build your own static system, incorporating only the filters you need. Simply add filter stages, such as RO and water-softening filters, as and when required.
ionic cartridge system filter and housing expandedThe cartridge system is available with either polymer housings, or high pressure/temperature stainless steel housings. The cartridges come in a choice of media, are easy to change out, and have a 5 litre capacity.
ionic quattro portable water treatment trolleyIf you require pure-water production in a compact and portable package, the Quattro trolley system is the answer. Also available with a 240V electric pump, and in stainless steel for high pressure and temperature applications.