Service: Storage & Distribution Sterilisation – Pharma
System: Electrolytic Ozone Disinfection

Purified Water and Water for Injection Distribution ring mains require a means of routine storage tank and ring main disinfection to meet with microbiological requirements as per the US FDA and EP Pharma grade water standards.


BHF incorporated state of the art electrolytic Ozone generation technology to integrate with the new tanks and distribution ring mains.

The system offers the customer the ability to remotely apply the required current to ensure routine level of Ozone to be maintained in the PW, HPW, and WFI tanks as well as Ozone sanitisation levels to be achieved in routine sanitising.

Project Outcome

A series of BWT Electrolytic Ozone cells & systems provide sterile tanks and distribution loops with the ozone levels required for production and sterilisation. With routine maintenance in a BHF service program, the systems offer reliable protection and low cost operation.

Ring main disinfection 3