Service: Sterile Filtration – Wine Bottling
System: Automated Filtration System

The client increased production capacity lead to the implementation of new fillers in their newly developed Greenfield bottling facility in Berri, South Australia.

The process required an Automated Sterile filtration system that integrated with the new filler over the internal network and provided the ability for report operation.

The system was designed to meet stringent conditions, and deliver complex and reliable modes of operation simultaneously.


BHF AFS (Automated Filtration System) – A dedicated red and white dual line AFS was developed to meet the brief.

A BHF 18kl AFS was designed, built, site integrated and commissioned within 8 months.

This state-of-the-art multistage AFS provides Accolade with a complex array of sequences able to perform multiple operations.

These include flushing, backwashing, auto filter change, integrated auto CIP, sequential flushing, heat sanitisiation, N2/CO2 gas purge to filler, integrity testing and gas storage.

The system also includes integrated filtration of incoming cold and hot water, steam, air, & CIP solutions.

Project Outcome

The new Automated Filtration System plays an integral role in the client’s wine bottling operation.

The process provided a platform designed for optimum performance of filters to ensure adequate and suitable cleaning that is consistent and independent of operator variability.

The systematic and thorough sequencing has lead to a more than 50% enhanced sterile filtration life which will contribute significantly to the machine being paid off in a shorter period of time.

The operation benefits significantly from the resulting c/litre reduction of the filtration cost of processing.

This follows on from the AFS supplied to Torresans for which BHF and Torresans won a joint award at the WIIA 2019.

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