Service: Sterile Filtration – Wine Bottling
System: Automated Filtration System

This busy bottling facility operated a manual multi-stage filter skid, which required extensive staff intervention and management in regards to valve changes and cleaning in particular.

This became disruptive to personal lives, and subsequently impacted the work life balance. In addition to this, the manual methods had a significant impact on the filter life and performance.

The site was looking to invest in their capital equipment to reduce the operator input, and also increase the capacity of filters to meet the flowrate of their new filler.


BHF designed a bespoke automated filtration skid to meet all of the customer’s wishes.

This included features such as:

> Programmed sequencing vastly reducing process risk
> Remote access via smartphone to provide better work/life balance
> Time liberation
> Improved filtration efficiency
> Measured and reportable CIP and Integrity Testing

Project Outcome

The AFS was installed and after BHF finished commissioning, the outcome was very quickly evident to the site.

The personal time recovered due to being able to remotely control the CIP and skid preparation provided an immediate return of work/life balance to the stakeholders, much more than was initially anticipated.

Additional benefits included a lower cost per litre in filtration costs due to better control of the filtration production and CIP processes. Improvement in the filling flowrate, therefore allowing for shorter shifts.

As a result of this project, BHF and Torresan Estate were awarded the WISA Award for the outstanding and forward thinking use of technology to offer a tangible impact into the wine industry.