Service: Raw Water Filtration – Wine Processing
Equipment: UF & UV Systems, Carbon Filtration

Our client required their water to meet a variety of quality and performance specifications for use across the production site in a variety of applications from rinse water to CIP and flushing of the wine sterile filtration line and membranes.

The required quality demands stringent particulate, organic taint and microbiological standards.

The real challenge was providing a solution that accommodated a varied raw water supply. The raw water sources varied from river, rain and mains water. A water plant was needed that met these demanding needs.

Winery water quality has significant impact across the winemaking process if not sufficiently managed.

The client had been faced with variable water quality which was impacting on process contamination and costs.

Put simply, if you wash wine filters with dirty water, you end up blocking the wine filters rather than the intended cleaning.

BHF was approached to provide a reliable solution that is reliable and has low operating costs and downtime.


BHF provided a 2 module UF plant capable of treating >5,000L/hr of water.

A customised water purification plant was designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned on site comprising of the following main components:

> Ultrafiltration System – producing nominally 5-7m3/hr of <0.03um UF filtered water. > Post UF water treatment UV disinfection, and trap filtration
> Carbon BP (Reg name) for removal of chlorine and residual taints using BHF proprietary Carbon filters that outperform traditional carbon beds that otherwise contribute to micro contamination.

The hygienic BHF UF system features a number of controls and equipment to ensure the purified water is protected from microbial growth.

The system includes hygienic components, high purity materials; UV disinfection to the treated water tank and features smart logic with a program of routine recirculation through the UF plant during periods of low use.

This ensures regular flushing and flow through the lines to prevent static water and the related microbial contamination of the system, tank and pipework.

Our solution for the treated water storage tank was to provide a continual UV recirculation system and trap filter, therefore ensuring continuous UV exposure to help control any potential microbial spread.

This system allows for routine clean-in-place to take place either by operator initiation, or BHF service technician as required.

Project Outcome

This BHF custom designed and fabricated UF plant has significantly improvements to the water quality at our client’s wine bottling facility.

In an impressively clean & well maintained operating facility, UF purified water is available at all times to meet with site variable demands and multiple applications in the wine bottling process.

The water is free of chlorine, particulates, organic taints and meets the stringent microbial specifications.

BHF technicians work with site staff a service & maintenance program to ensure reliability & consistency in water quality and system operation. It also delivers cost savings and control of site-wide filtration and related operating costs.