Service: Purified Water – Pharma & Biotech
System: Electrodeionisation / PW System Expansion

Expanding production requirements at a leading Biotech production facility called for an additional 40,000 l/hr of PW for to integrate with the facility upgrade.

The systems required 2 x 20,000 l/hr EDI plants, commissioned and validated to TGA, FDA, and EP Pharma PW standards.Expansion of existing facility pre treated water capacity.


BHF supplied 2 x validated BWT Septron EDI plants each producing 20,000 l/hr of PW with integrated heat sanitisation capability

Project Outcome

State of the art BWT Septron systems produce PW to consistently meet and exceed specifications.

The systems are integrated with the RO supply and existing PW tanks to ensure 24/7 production or recirculation in low energy mode to ensure low cost and reliable operation.

They are also integrated into the site PMCS for remote monitoring in the control room.