“In 2019 I used Lamothe TXL and STR yeasts as components on two separate batches of chardonnay, along with Laffort CH9 and indigenous yeasts for both tank, old oak and new oak ferments to build complexity into the resultant blends. The TXL yeast produced a very clean and typical varietal profile, both in structure and flavour. STR was the fruitier component of those blends. Comparing the barrels of STR/TXL is like looking at two different wines. TXL shows good varietal fruit in the chardonnay with clean structure, the STR lifts that up into more fruit salad leaping from the glass. Both are substantially different to the CH9 which leaves a very funky sulphide character.”

Dr Tim White
Thistle Hill Organic Wine

“I have been involved in the production of Sauvignon blanc in many regions – Sancerre, Adelaide Hills and Orange to name a few. In 2019 I had the opportunity to look at Sauvignon blanc from the same vineyard we took it from in 2018. Besides vintage differences, the only change that the winemaker made in the process was the use of Excellence FTH in combination with Optithiols. The fruit was clean and disease free. All wine production parameters were exactly the same as the previous year except for the FTH and Optithiols. Fermentation was strong, no DAP or nutrient required, and finished clean. Wow. The sensory difference was amazing. Passionfruit/tropical nose, with some nice “sweaty armpit” Sauvignon blanc characters. Palate was crisp and clean, with lovely vibrant fruit expression. If anyone is looking for a wow factor to set their Sauvignon blanc apart, I would give this combination a go.”

Matt Atallah
Atallah Wines

“It is of high importance to me to produce a Sauvignon blanc with fresh tropical aromatics from our Limestone Coast fruit and steer away from the so called “green flavours” that are associated with cool climate Sauvignon blanc. It is with Paul’s expertise that I was able to unlock, enhance and preserve the precursors and thiols associated with the fresh tropical fruit flavours and improve the texture and sensation of sweet vibrant fruits on the palate. By using FTH and Optithiols I was able to experience a clean nonproblematic ferment and generate brilliantly vibrant fruit aromatics with crisp natural acidity and a lovely round finish on the palate. The combination of the two products was able to produce these tropical aromatics during ferment, as well as preserve them so they will be experienced in the bottled product. I am very pleased with the results of using both these products and am happy to say that our sales of Sauvignon Blanc have improved immensely since I’ve been working with Blue H2O Filtration.”

Conrad Slabber
Coonawarra Jack

After great results with Lamothe-Albiet’s Excellence range of yeasts in reds, we decided to trial FTH and Optithiols in our Sauvignon Blanc. The fruit we opted to use had in the past lacked the aromatics expected from the variety. The combination of the yeast and nutrient resulted in a definite increase in the intensity of aromas and without a doubt added a depth of complexity not seen from that particular vineyard in the past. Of particular note was the increase in different thiols and more elegance and volume on the palate in the finished wine which will enhance this product’s marketability and increase its popularity with our consumers.”

Sean Murphy
Ladbroke Grove

“We used Excellence FTH yeast and the Optithiols nutrient on 2019 Verdelho. We observed an increase in texture and more lifted fruit purity in thiols – custard apple, golden pear and wild limes, plus a firm creamy tree fruit structure throughout the palate. No sulfide notes were seen.”

Jessica Ferguson & Adam Chapman
Sirromet Wines

“For vintage 2019, at the suggestion of BHF we ran some trials on Sauvignon blanc, encompassing both the Excellence FTH yeast and the Optithiols nutrient. The trial was based on a split juice over 3 tanks in duplicate, with FTH being pitched against 2 other commercial yeast strains. Excellence FTH displayed the most intensity and freshness (the most Sauvignon blanc varietal characters). We also evaluated the Optithiols nutrient, which boosts thiol output. We found that the timing of the addition (specifically before the onset of primary fermentation) and the addition rate dramatically increased the expression and protection of volatile thiols compared to our control wine, regardless of commercial yeast strain used. We were very impressed with the results and the quality of the products and the wines produced.”

Andrew Santarossa
Mitchelton Wines

“The initial presentation by Blue H2O Filtration in conjunction with Lamothe-Abiet was persuasive enough for us to begin using Optithiols and the Excellence range of yeasts including FTH. We saw an immediate impact upon our wines. Our Sauvignon blanc, Semillon and rosés all benefitted with more intensive fruit expression which was well retained after bottling giving us extended shelf life and freshness. Both products are well suited to both stainless steel maturation and barrel fermentation which in turn provides versatility and greater blending options.”

Robert Black
Bunnamagoo Wines

“I’ve loved the synergy between the Lamothe-Abiet yeasts and Optithiol nutrient this year. With Pinot rosé using Excellence STR with Optiesters, and my tank-fermented Pinot gris with TXL and Optiesters, both wines are fresh, clean and full of aromatic punch.”

Julian Alport
Moore’s Hill

“The South Burnett wine region (warm climate) has specialised in the growing and production of the Verdelho grape variety since the mid-1990s. Initially, the wine style was favourably received by the public and the region continued to produce a consistent style. As consumer tastes changed, I began looking for alternative production methods to update the expression of the variety and to increase consumer consumption against the dominance of Sauvignon Blanc. After discussions with Dr Bowyer a new ferment regime was developed using both pre-ferment nutrient Optithiols and Lamothe-Abiet Excellence FTH activated yeast. The result was a dramatic increase in the thiol aromas of passionfruit and pineapple which was the exact profile I required. Now in its third year, this regime is consistently producing wines that provide an alternative to fruit driven Sauvignon Blanc. Since revising our production methods, there has been a marked increase in sales of Verdelho which are increasing annually as we re-educate the consumer of our new style.”

Nick Pesudovs
Clovely Estate

“We are really aware that for Sauvignon Blanc, there is strong competition and that quality amongst our competitors is generally very good. So we were looking for an edge and thiol expression seemed the logical place to look first. What we came to understand through Paul’s expertise, is that there is a lot of unlocked potential for thiol expression. The key is to first unlock that potential and then carefully protect what you do have. On Paul’s recommendation we used an “aromatic recipe” which included Optithiols yeast nutrient to enhance precursors, Excellence FTH yeast to enhance yeast synthesis and Aroma Protect to preserve thiols after fermentation. What we found, and this was proven in blind tasting, is that the batches treated with the above recipe
had clearly enhanced varietal aromas and flavours, were lively on the palate and were perceived as fresher. In addition, the fermentation was stronger, finished faster and the colour was brighter. We certainly plan to increase our use of this recipe going forward.”

Dylan Lee
Bird In Hand

“We had family members who were spending 16 hours a day at work and this placed significant and unwelcome demands on personal time, in addition to general time loss. By the time the line had finished its work for the day it would then be a 2-3 hour operation flushing filters and sterilizing, plus another 1-2 hours if we had to decolorize from red to white. In trying to quantify time savings to gauge improved capability and competitiveness, we would estimate around 24 operational hours saved each week through the new Filtration System. Without the new Filtrations System, and if we eliminated family members working overtime for hours each day, we would need to hire an extra 2 – 3 people to be here on an afternoon shift to cover the work and it would probably be a 5 – 7 year payback in purely monetary terms. To evaluate this question in this way is to miss the point, however. For us, payback was immediate, as we have got our lives back, and that was worth our investment in this process with BHF. The monetary payback pales into insignificance when we evaluate quality of life, and we are fortunate that we have a collaborate partner in BHF to bring this project to such elegant and functional fruition.”

Damian Torresan
Torresan Estate

“The biggest problem we had was having to run the bottling lines for 10-12 hours to keep up with production requirements, and then at the end of this shift we were still having to remain 2-3 hours beyond this to sanitise and clean the system, ready for the next day. This meant that we were missing out on valuable family time, which was a significant life imposition. In particular it was hard for me because our “busy period” didn’t stop! Business just got more intense, which placed even more time pressure on us. In turn, this meant I was missing out on even more time with the family, so that towards the end of this timeline I was only able to spend weekend time with them, which to me was unacceptable. Also, we had to cut even that precious weekend time short to be at work to prepare the system for starting up on Monday morning. The system sanitisation process is particularly important in bottling and no shortcuts can be made, so we could not compromise here and so lost a lot of valuable personal time. Since the system has gone in I am now often home before the kids! Even if the system does require attention, I can do this from home rather than having to go to site. This has given me back my family time, and more, which is of great personal value. The value of this can’t be evaluated in simple monetary terms. The second aspect is that we can’t run this operation personally forever, and we need to be able to hand over at some stage to other staff. If process problems were to arise this would seriously compromise Torresan Estate business security and sustainability. This has been overcome to a large extent by the autonomy provided by the BHF Filtration System. Our old system had manual valve operation and no programming, and so the process risk was high. The BHF system has eliminated this risk through programmed sequencing, and we are much more comfortable in training others knowing that this level of security is in place. It is almost childproof, which is perfect for retaining process confidence.”

Daniel Torresan
Torresan Estate

“The BHF Filtration System has been in operation for around 2 months at this stage. In addition to the comments made by Damian and Daniel, which also apply to me, I would add another angle. On the old filtration system, in any 2 month operational period we would have observed filter degradation and blockage, which would have resulted in significant downtime, filter costs and efficiency loss. With the new system in place, filter life has improved significantly, and that is already obvious. Aside from the savings in filtration consumables, we have not had to put up with the associated downtime and efficiency loss, which is a big gain for us. This basically comes down to superior system design and functionality, and is a benefit beyond the gains that the system automation provides. We have also observed less wine loss than previously, which is important to us and our customers. The time savings permitted by the remote access and control features of the BHF Filtration System have produced a strong efficiency gain for the business, giving us more flexibility and the ability to correct any issues even if we are not on site. We can monitor system functionality online anytime, anywhere. The sanitisation process is now just a matter of selecting a programme and then going home. The system will perform the sanitisation and finish automatically, ready for operation the next day, so we can now make full use of our personal time. The last point I’d like to add is that BHF also have the capability to make system adjustments remotely, and we have already made use of this in fine-tuning the system parameters to our requirements. This is a great advantage to the sustainability of the business.”

Julian Torresan
Torresan Estate

“Blue H2O continues to provide Robert Oatley Vineyards with exceptional service and superior expertise in all things filtration and filterability, water filtration, yeast, and bentonite. Paul & Ralph are always willing to help no matter what we ask, and our relationship grows and the information is always right on the money. We are now stronger than ever with the knowledge and understanding of our needs in filterability for filter longevity and hygiene with wine to bottle, so many thanks to Blue H20.”

Pia Merrick
Quality Management
Robert Oatley Vineyards

“Blue H20 Filtration provide a complete quality service to our beverage production site. We have been able to reduce four different suppliers into one efficient supplier account, with the added benefit of volume cost savings. Devan, our Regional Manager, has gone above and beyond and provided solutions for every application in our business, and together we have implemented a site-specific filter guide to our filter program to reduce obsolescence and improve operator efficiency. Regular stocktakes and prompt supply via email or phone give our business one less problem to be concerned about. We are confident that the correct filters for our applications are always there when we need them or delivered promptly in emergency situations. Overall, an amazing service that is specifically tailored to our high-paced production and specific seasonal requirements.”

Frank B
Quality Assurance Coordinator

“When moving to Blue H20 some years ago, Vinpac International took a risk. Blue H20 based their supply proposal on service and technology and a commitment to partner with us on a journey of continuous improvement. What can I say? We have not been disappointed. The service is second to none, and through our partnership we have reduced our filtration costs dramatically.”
Andrew Holdback
Operations Manager
Vinpac International

“I have been in consultation with Paul Bowyer from BHF Technologies for several months regarding our laboratory filterability testing, how we can improve our test method, and how this can be related to cellar and bottling operations. Paul gave freely of his time to demonstrate and explain how filtration processes work, and how our test method can be used to give valuable information to other staff for pre and post bottling functions. The end result has been: a greater understanding of what the filterability test is telling us, an expanded test method to provide more information, and a change to our test method to better reflect the processes used on the bottling line. It is our expectation that, with the help Paul has given us, we will be able to both reduce filtering rework in the cellar, and filtration costs in the bottling department, with an overall saving of time and money for the company.”

Sharon Lane
Laboratory Supervisor
Taylors Wines

“When first setting up our bottling line, we were experiencing significant problems with filtration of both water (used in cleaning/sterilising) and wine for bottling. After talking with BHF, gaining an understanding of the importance of measuring filterability, and then implementing filterability analysis as a pre-bottling check, our company has saved considerable time and money on pre-bottling filtration.”

Debbie Lauritz
Senior Winemaker
Wine Insights

Great bentonite
Great yeast
Great gelatine
Great filters
Great service
Great people
What more could you want?”

Paul Hotker
Senior Winemaker
Bleasdale Vineyards

“The staff at Blue H2O have been practical, engaging, and pro-active at all service levels, from technical, administrative to logistical. They have assisted with our requests for air/water filters and housing units promptly, regardless of the size of the order and keeping within our budget. We feel their professional and thorough assessment in helping us to select the appropriate equipment will give us the best possible outcome. Their prompt response and appreciation of the logistics associated with our remote project in the Philippines was refreshing. We were grateful for their interest and comprehensive analysis of how to best treat sea/freshwater and air for commercial aquaculture. We hope to continue our business relationship with Blue H2O now and in the near future.”

Robert Rose
Company Director

“Blue H2O Filtration has provided all the filtration requirements for the Petaluma winery, in addition to an advanced high purity/low energy draw nitrogen generator. They designed the water filtration system for our new greenfield winery at Woodside and provide an outstanding service for all our bottling filtration needs. Their depth of knowledge, professionalism and prompt reliable service has proven to be invaluable to all our filtration requirements. Local stockholding and prompt responses finish the package. They set the benchmark for the Australia winery industry.”

Mike Mudge

“Blue H2O staff identified potential cost savings for our hospital based on staff education for correct usage of filters. Initial analyses have shown that cost savings are already being made. Trials of the filters began in our Day Surgery Unit with Blue H2O staff attending daily for set up and education. Main Theatre was the next department to trial and implement Blue H2O’s filters, also with great success. The extensive education and information provided to staff has been invaluable.”

Michelle Bullows
Clinical Products Advisor

“One word . . . exceptional! We were able to use these (Becopad) filters up to 2.5 Bar of pressure before there was a sign of residue coming through. This is impossible with the 3M pads – they bleed residue before any pressure build-up is noticeable, which makes using the DE pads difficult – there is no indication of when to change the pads. With these cellulose pads, we can just watch the pressure gauge! And as far as throughput is concerned, we are getting nearly twice the volume before needing to change the pads.”

Steve Thomas
Production Manager