Service: Bore Water Treatment – Beverage Production
System: RO/UV/Sterile Filtration

A large plant upgrade was underway, incorporating new product ranges that required RO quality water.

BHF was engaged and quickly identified existing challenges with the site water quality, and provided technical and process solutions.

The project was for water treatment, taking into account two very different final water quality specifications, and also allowing for micro stability of the treated water.


BHF provided an 10,000L/hr RO plant to treat water required to meet the set downstream mineral and micro specifications, and included bypass options with cartridge filtration for spring water applications.

The system allows for routine clean-in-place to take place either by operator initiation, or by a BHF service technician as required.

Our solution for the treated water storage tank was to provide a continual UV recirculation system and trap filter, therefore ensuring continuous UV exposure to help control any potential microbial spread.

Project Outcome

The RO was built and delivered to site within 10 weeks of the official purchase order being supplied.

BHF worked closely with piping integrators to offer additional pipework and supervision of the installation of the RO and filtration.

As a result the system is performing well for the site, and coupled with our service support, is offering great consistency of purified water quality for the site operations.