Service: Water For Injection (WFI) – Pharma & Biotech
System: RO/EDI/Distillation/Pure Steam/Distribution

The client required an integrated solution for the generation of water for injection (WFI) and pure steam generation for a new small scale GMP facility.

This included a validation package covering design, functional specification, FAT, SAT and all related documentation under a stringent Pharma validated program.


BHF and BWT designed in collaboration with the client the integration of 3 skids within a tight services plant room for the treatment of mains water utilising BWT Osmotron technical, ensuring feed water quality suitable to feed BWTs Combitron system capable of generating simultaneously water for injection, pure steam and degassing.

Additionally the client was supplied with a BWT LOOPO system for the distribution and storage of water, all capable of heat sanitisation.

Project Outcome

BHF provided the client with a fully integrated system validated for the generation and distribution of water for injection and pure steam to service the newly built boutique GMP facility.

Pharmaceutical water for injection WFI biotech 2