Service: Purified Water – Pharma & Biotech
System: MF/RO/EDI/Ozone

The client needed town water pre-filtration to provide feed water to multiple membrane systems to produce:

> Demineralised water for various processes and wash water applications.
> Purified Water to meet with TGA, FDA and EP PW (Purified Water) standards.

The real challenge with surface source water is the significant colloidal silica which is rich in organic matter and suspended solids.

This can play havoc with purification technologies and leads to rapid fouling of filtration and membrane systems as well as organic fouling and bacterial contamination.


BHF designed, developed and commissioned locally, custom built and validated membrane technologies for the client for a variety of certified grades of water that meet with TGA, FDA and EP requirements.

These included:

> Multiple Micro-filtration systems that each produce between 30 & 45 m3/hr
> A custom built an all stainless steel Reverse Osmosis system to produce 30 m3/hr
> Pharma validated proprietary BWT EDI Electro-deionisation systems each producing 10-20 m3/hr of “PW” grade water with complete documentation validation packages with SAT completed protocols.
> Pharma validated Electrolytic Ozone systems for PW tank and storage disinfection

Project Outcome

Multiple automated membrane treatment systems are in operation in a plant that has evolved over 20 years to meet growing production needs.

The removal of colloidal silica in the Micro-filtration Process produces the downstream membrane processes with particulate free, colloidal free, bacteria treated water that allows these processes to run with minimal flow degradation or operation interruption.

The BHF RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant operates 24/7 at 90% water recovery. It feeds a range of BWT EDI plants that produce WP water for the Biotech Process.

BHF are proud to be an integral part of our client’s operating team and their world class, state-of-the-art water treatment facility.

We continue to provide support under a range of comprehensive service programs, each tailored to ensure the optimum performance monitoring and preventative maintenance takes place.

Optimum performance is guided by cost-effective and reliable operation.

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