Service: Mains Water Filtration – Pharma Biotech
Equipment: RO/EDI/Distillation/Pure Steam/Distribution
The client required multiple Mains Water Micro-filtration Systems for the filtration of colloids and particulate, to supply the downstream RO plants with a feed water SDI < 3. It was necessary for the new MF systems to mimic existing MF systems already on site.

This allows:

> Synergy of operation, maintenance and spares
> Integration with the feed water, backwash water and filtrate storage tanks
> Integration with the site central server and control room


BHF designed and locally fabricated 3 x 40,000 l/hr MF systems for installation and integration into the new facility for the generation of pre treated water feeding dedicated purified water generators for a new manufacturing facility.

Project Outcome

BHF designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned 3 new MF systems to replicate existing MF plants on site.

This provided the client with standardised and familiar technology, spare parts and documentation that fits in with site and full compliance to Pharma PW standards.

These systems offer the highest quality components and documentation and the use of standardised design and control logic minimises operator training.

BHF are proud of these additional 3 MF systems producing reliable and consistent quality water to all downstream processes and applications.

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