Service: Mains Water Filtration – Dairy
System: MF System Rental

Our client had installed a new dairy filling process and were seeing very frequent filter blockages, resulting in very high ongoing costs that would have made the process feasibility challenging.

The filters used on the machine for the rinse cycle were validated by the European filling machine manufacturer, however they failed to take into account the high colloidal fouling that is commonly experience throughout Victoria, Australia.

They were faced with the expense of replacing filters every 1-2 days.

BHF were approached to offer an alternative that would:

> Reduce the need for regular filter change.
> Protect the downstream membrane filters.
> Substantially reduce the process operating costs.


Due to the limited CAPEX funding available at short notice, BHF provided our client with an automated, backwashable Ultrafiltration system producing 10-12kL/hr of UF filtered water.

Project Outcome

The UF system was supplied, installed and commissioned within a few weeks.

The beneficial impact was immediate, providing elimination of colloids by the UF which resulted in a filter blockage being reduced from days to several months.

The cost saving was almost instant with the reduction of the volume of consumable filters alone.

The added savings were realised by significantly reducing the process downtime plus the associated operator time.

BHF continue to invest in their range of systems for trial or rental.

Mains water filtration dairy 2