Service: Mains Water Filtration – Beverage Bottling
System: UF/RO

Our client had an ambitious plan to set up a contract beverage production and bottling facility to meet the growing demand of the beverage market.

BHF were approached to work closely as the water and gas treatment system provider, and liaise regularly with other project engineering consultants.

The scope meant treating Ballarat town water to RO standard, as well as offering chillers and nitrogen generation on site.


BHF worked closely with the client to understand the vision of the company, the current goals, and the future plans.

A decision was made to provide UF filtered water onto an RO, therefore ensuring consistent water quality, and reduced loading onto the RO which then provides good membrane life.

The UF plant is sized to produce up to 5kL/hr of UF filtrate, and the RO is sized for 1.5kL/hr of RO permeate. This was based on the projected usage breakdown and water quality expected.

The solutions have allowed the client to meet the accelerating market demand in an efficient and timely manner.

BHF also supplied chillers and nitrogen generation for the site, allowing for on demand nitrogen to meet their bottling specifications.

This reduced the need and dependency on bottled nitrogen being supplied to the factory.

Project Outcome

BHF provided bespoke UF and RO systems, fit for purpose with a central control panel to control both systems.

The system includes the ability for cleaning on site by BHF technicians or site operators.

This solution ensures that the client are provided with RO permeate of a consistently high quality.

Chillers and nitrogen generation provided by our range of Parker products.

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