Service: Clarification – Wine Processing
System: Pretreatment to Sterile Filtration Skid

Driven by direct to fill project. Allows them to send bottle ready wine from any tank within the tank farm to the bottling tank farm.

The issue was that they were always previously transferring through a 1um hfc which was redundant if they were going to be going through additional prefiltration on the sterile skid.

The need was to protect from large foreign objects from getting through to the sterile skid


We provided the ability to run 6 different streams in either red or white wine through dedicated bag filtration. The customer then completed fabrication of the skid with BHF assistance.

Project Outcome

They no longer use the more expensive high flow cartridge for the delivery to the packaging hall. This reduced the cost of filtration for this stage ten fold.

There is now significantly less downtime in filter change-outs. There has been no detrimental impact on downstream cost of filtration as a result of this project upgrade.

Wine clarification 3