Client: Torresan Estate
Project: Turnkey supply of an Automated Filtration System (AFS) integrated with existing filler and CIP
  • process control
  • time management
  • operator capability variations
  • decision process
  • repetitive tedious operations
  • contamination risks
  • site presence required
Solution: BHF was commissioned to design and fabricate a fully-customised automated filtration system (AFS). This automated system provided immediate and manifold benefits to Torresan Estate, the most important of which was the return of staff time to family members.

The BHF AFS has many features:

  • Bespoke design according to customer requirements
  • High flow rate to match the new filler
  • Integration with the new filler and existing CIP systems
  • Smart phone remote operation
  • Wine temperature adjustment capability
  • Duty/standby configuration of first stage filtration housings for continuous production, even in the event of a primary filter blockage
  • Automated clean, sanitise and integrity test programmes
Results: Torresan Estate is very happy with the BHF AFS. It has fulfilled all design elements, increasing production capacity with process security, and most importantly has liberated substantial staff time through automation and remote access capacity. Torresan Estate has already observed lower filtration costs and reduced wine losses, and have made some changes to the programming to fine tune the system to their specific operator requirements. In 2019 BHF and Torresan Estate won a Win Industry Suppliers Association Wine Impact Award in the packaging category for the AFS.

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“We are fortunate that we have a collaborative partner in BHF. I want to thank Wayne and his team for listening to us and understanding our needs and vision, for making this happen and bringing this to such elegant and functional fruition.”
Damian Torresan, Torresan Estate