Manual skid requiring massive staff overtime. Disruptive to personal lives. Loss of life quality. Inefficient filtration. Higher throughput required to match new filler.


> Bespoke automated filtration skid
> Programmed sequencing vastly reduces process risk
> Remote access via smartphone
> Time liberation
> Improved filtration efficiency


> Very happy
> Personal time recovery in excess of projected
> Lower $/L
> Faster filling = shorter shift
> Future-proofing through programming upgrades
> WISA award

“We are fortunate that we have a collaborative partner in BHF. I want to thank Wayne and his team for listening to us and understanding our needs and vision, for making this happen and bringing this to such elegant and functional fruition.”
Damian Torresan, Torresan Estate

Blue H2O and Torresan WIIA 2019 Winners