Coarse FiltrationCoarse Filtration

For removal of particulate at the prefiltration stage of processing, our team engages in careful sizing based on flow rates, volumes, and pressures of liquid product. Disposable single and multiple use filter capsules and stainless steel hardware are available in both pre and non-sterilised form, and filter bags and cartridges are also recommended depending on chemical composition and materials compatibility.

Key Products: Duoline Felt, Duoline HE, Duoline NM, SupaGard, Supaspun II

Fine FiltationFine Filtration

Fine filtration is used for product clarification and bacterial reduction. Disposable single use, or multiple use media and hardware is available, however the product type, process requirements, and flow conditions dictate the size of the system. Capsules can be gamma irradiated for aseptic connections, or otherwise supplied in a cartridge format.

Key Products: Proclear GF, Proclear GP, Proclear PP, Supapleat II, Supaspun II

Carbon ProtectionCarbon Protection

Removal of particulate to protect the critical stage of carbon filtration from premature fouling. This is achieved through careful sizing based on flow rates, and the use of stainless steel hardware and cartridges.

Key Products: Proclear GF, Proclear GP, Proclear PP, Supapleat II, Supaspun II

Carbon Filtration IconCarbon Filtration

Activated carbon filtration systems that efficiently remove chlorine, organic materials, tastes, and odours. BHF uses a specialist range of carbon impregnated polypropylene and carbon block filters. Our filters are constructed without resins or binders, maximising contact time and exposure to active carbon.

Absolute FiltrationAbsolute Filtration

Absolute depth and pleated filters are employed for critical application pre-filtration to protect final sterile membranes downstream. They come in a wide range of chemically compatible materials, such as nylon and PTFE.

Key Products: Proclear GF, Proclear GP, Proclear PP, Propor BR, Propor HC, Propor LR, Propor SG, Tetpor Liquid, Supapleat II, SupaPore FPW, SupaPore Halar, SupaPore PPG

Sterile FiltrationSterile Filtration

Sterile membrane filters are available in single use pre-sterilised capsule format, or membrane cartridges housed in stainless steel. All membranes come with supporting documents to meet local regulatory body requirements and to demonstrate product integrity.

Key Products: Propor BR, Propor HC, Propor LR, Propor SG, Tetpor Liquid