Prior to starting with BHF in March 2010 Devan worked in customer service for 8 years.  He has spent considerable time since then developing a technical knowledge of filtration, to complement his experience handling client queries.

“A major Melbourne hospital was my first new customer.  Significant time was spent working with nurses in training to ensure their processes were up to scratch. We ran trials in one part of the hospital to prove technology and cost benefits, then rolled out to the rest of the hospital. This consisted of 8 different sterilising machines, most of which now run 4-5 days a week. This came about through building good relationships on-site, and from many hours’ training and monitoring, and then preparing appropriate data to show specific cost savings our style of filtration would bring to the hospital.”

Devan sees BHF becoming a larger company over the coming decade, and specialising more.  He envisions the current base team being gradually supplemented with extra support staff and industry specialists.

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