BHF offers a range of packaged solutions designed to solve customer-specific processing needs. Available with both sales and service contracts.

packaged filtration solutionsFeatures

  • A customised filtration system utilising world-leading filtration technologies.
  • Specifically designed for prevention of product failures and protection of processing equipment for critical process fluids that require accurate contamination control.
  • Complimentary resource and service based management system set up to solve contamination issues, provided with on-site specialised resources.
  • Process-specific engineered solutions with live data monitoring capabilities, providing 24/7 remote system performance and process fluid monitoring.


  • Protection of high value product. World-leading filtration technology is used to address problem contaminants.
  • Protection of process equipment from damage or excessive wear as a result of contamination that could lead to large-scale plant downtime.
  • Routine onsite and remote monitoring by a team of specialist filtration engineers.
  • Reduced operating costs through the recovery of high value product, prevention and minimisation of downtime, and quick resolution of contamination issues.
  • Risk reduction and efficiency. A team of specialists on hand to identify and address process-specific filtration problems quickly and accurately, allowing you to concentrate on core operations and return on investment.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Chemical and industrial processing facilities
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Energy and resources sector

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